Horse Racing Parties

Bring the all the excitement of the Kentucky Derby to your event and experience horse racing like you've never seen before! During this exciting experiential party, guests will have the opportunity to place bets at realistic looking ticket booths and then watch a customized animated video of each action packed race!


Packages Starting aT $2,300

up to five races

Base horse racing Equipment

  • 3 Betting Windows

  • Betting Strips

  • Raffle Tickets

  • Play Money

  • Odds Board

    • Contact Us For AV Packages (If Not Provided By Venue)

Race Staff

  • Betting Cashiers

  • 1 Professional DJ For 4 hrs

    • To Provide Background Dinner & Dance Music

  • 1 Professional Emcee

    • To Conduct Each Of The Races

    • Lead Line Dances (The Wobble, Cha Cha Slide, Etc)

    • And Host Interactive Games & Challenges Through The Evening.

We've found that our Classic Horse Racing party package is excellent for parties with up to 100 guests.  For larger parties we suggest adding on additional equipment and staff.  Currently we have the team and equipment to accommodate horse racing parties for up to 400 people!


Popular Add Ons
Here's How It works

1. As each guest arrives, $3,000 in horse bucks and a racing program is given out. The client can provide a person to do this at the entrance of the ballroom or a couple of our cashiers can pass the play money out.


2. There are 5 races total with 6 horses in each race. The first horse to cross the finish line is the winner. We only pay on WIN, we do not pay on PLACE (2nd) or SHOW (3rd). Odds are computed on a pari-mutuel (those holding winning tickets divide the total amount bet in proportion to their wagers).


3. Before the first race, guests will place their bets at the cashier booths. Guests can bet as much as like on as many horses as they like, in $100 increments.


4. After the last race, our cashiers will exchange horse bucks for raffle tickets (1 raffle ticket per $1000 in horse bucks). We recommend a maximum of 20 tickets to be given out to any one person because cash out will be much faster this way. Our Emcee will then raffle off prizes (the client is to provide 5 to 10 prizes). We recommend that only one prize be given to a winner.


5. For those guests who choose not to participate in the races, they can still receive extra horse bucks by cheering, dancing, and interacting with the Emcee. They will have an opportunity to win prizes at the end of the evening by exchanging these horse bucks for raffle tickets.

SPANGLER ENTERTAINMENT horse racing parties ARE for entertainment purposes only, NO REAL MONEY IS EXCHANGED DURING THESE PARTIES. 


Our performers will not provide any actual gaming activities, in violation of any criminal statues, the performers will only provide entertainment for clients at this event.