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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a casino? 

No, there are no casinos in the state of Tennessee. We provide casino parties for entertainment purposes only, NO REAL MONEY IS EXCHANGED DURING THESE PARTIES. 

How does a casino party work?

1. As each guest arrives, $30,000 in play money is given out. The client can provide a person to do this at the entrance of the ballroom or a couple of our Dealers can pass the money out.

2. The guest will then go to the table of their choice and exchange the play money for chips. They then can take their chips and move to other tables if they desire.


3. A guest should not worry if they do not know how to play a game. Our friendly dealers will teach them.


4. For those guests who choose not to play, they can exchange their play money for tickets. They will have an opportunity to win prizes at the end of the evening with these tickets.


5. We start out with a $1,000 maximum bet and raise the maximum every 30 minutes depending on the length of the party.  One-half hour before the party ends, we announce no-limit betting.


6. We will close down gaming and begin cash-out 15 minutes before the end of your 3-hour package.  For each $10,000 earned, the guest will receive one raffle ticket. For instance, if a player wins $100,000, he will receive 10 tickets. We recommend a maximum of 20 tickets to be given out to any one person because cash out will be much faster this way.


7. The guest will keep the ticket that says “keep this ticket” and put the matching in a raffle drum or prize bucket. THE CLIENT PROVIDES 3-10 PRIZES. (We recommend that only one prize be given to a winner).


8. Draw for prizes using the number on the ticket. This can be handled by our pit boss.  We highly recommend that a PA system be available to announce winners and give out prizes.

How do I book a package? 

Contact one of our event specialists to decide on the package that best fits your needs. You can reach us by email at or call the office at 615-824-4881. Once you’ve decided on a package, a contract will be sent via email and a 50% retainer will be required to secure your event date and package.

How do I make a payment?

Go to the top right side of our website and click “client log-in”. Enter your event date and the password, then click “make a payment”. The secure, e-commerce payment gateway gladly accepts your major credit card.

How do I select music for my event?

Once you book an event with us, we will invite you to your event's timeline through our new music selecting and planning app, Vibo 2.0. You will be able to select music for the special moments throughout your event, create playlists for open dancing, and let us know what songs you want on your "Do Not Playlist". 

When should I book my event? 

Most corporate and private party clients book at least two months in advance, while weddings are usually booked six months to a year in advance. Ideally, once you have a date and a venue, you should contact us to ensure our availability. 


Are set-up and delivery fees included?

No, these fees are based on each event in order to keep costs down for clients. These fees are based on date, travel distance, and staff needed. 


Are you insured?

Yes! We are insured for up to two million dollars and can provide a certificate of insurance upon request.


How extensive is your DJ music library?

Our music library has over 30,000 songs ranging from the 1930s to today’s billboard hits. We have been collecting music for over 20 years. But if for any reason you can’t find what you’re looking for in our library, we will purchase it for no additional charge.


Do you own the music or DJ off of streaming services?

We own the music. All of our music was purchased legally. We do not rely on streaming services for our music. 


Does your music have explicit language?

No, all of our songs are radio edit versions. We do our best to play appropriate content based on the crowd and event.


What qualifies your DJs and Emcees as “professionals”?

All of our DJs and Emcees have been trained by industry professionals who specialize in weddings and corporate events. The majority of our team has been DJing for over a decade. 

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